Project Description

WAM Electrical is a whitegoods and electrical repair company. They provide in house repairs for larger items as well as having a workshop where you can bring your item to be fixed. They also stock a large number of parts which they also sell directly to the public.

They need a website which is more modern with better functionality and a much cleaner look. They also need to have mobile responsiveness.

Their current site has a little bit of content most of which he wants brought across to the new site. They do not have many images, so we will be getting some which we will provide soon along with directions on where we feel it will best be suited.

View Live Website

Some websites the client likes:

We have found two sites which are good examples of what we should be looking to be building with similar elements, but something a little nicer.

Colour pallet: We want to use the same blue that exists on the clients current site.

Where needed we can balance this out with white and light grey.  Client has not provided a preferred font so please just use a similar Google safe font.